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Head Office Athens: 21, Adrianiou st. Ν. Psychiko, 115 25, Greece

Asset Maturity

Technical, Legal, Tax Due Diligence and Property Transfer Studies

IDMON Property Advisors & Technical Experts boasts a wealth of experience in preparing complete files for secure property transfers, through having delivered in excess of 800 REO projects on behalf of 2 of the largest Greek banks.

The complete property transfer file includes the research conclusions as well as the following deliverables, in a ready to be submitted to the Greek urban planning authorities:

  • Solemn Declaration Act Ν. 4495/2017
  • Building Permit Drawings
  • Site Plan
    (if necessary)
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Property Legal Inspection
  • Certificates of Property Financial Burdens Clearance
  • Updated – to the last 5 years – VAT and Unified Property Tax tables
  • Hellenic Cadastre (Land) Registry documentation
  • Certified Notary’s report related to the relevance and suitability of the file’s contents as well as to the readiness of the property to be transferred.

A full, diligent and proactive property transfer file preparation secures your opportunity to sell your property fast, a process which currently may be a very complex and lengthy process for the less prepared property owners. At IDMON we acknowledge the strategic importance of expert file preparation, thus we have given this arm of our services, an extra focus. Currently we have the capacity to prepare diligent property transfer files for practically any location across Greece.

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