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Head Office Athens: 21, Adrianiou st. Ν. Psychiko, 115 25, Greece

Property Valuations

IDMON is certified by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors for the quality standards and operations procedures of the Property Valuations department. It is also registered with the registry of Chartered Valuers of the Greek Ministry of Finance and insured for Professional Indemnity liability.

Property Valuation Studies

Our consultants have amassed a wealth of experience in property valuations, through the delivery of over 10.000 property valuations studies, which include:

Residential and commercial properties (office and retail buildings, shopping malls, residential complexes, parking complexes, cinemas/ theatres, buildings under construction etc.)

Building lots and agricultural lands (in urban, suburban and farming areas across Greece)

Hotels, large resorts and holiday homes

Specific purpose properties: golf courses, private hospitals, marinas

Industrial buildings, shipyards, steelworks, quarries, fuel storage units and gas stations

Islands with property development potential

We also undertake valuations of electrical and mechanical installations, machinery and equipment in cooperation with certified engineers/valuers of appropriate engineering disciplines.

The property valuations studies we carry out at IDMON, cover the whole spectrum of our clients’ needs and purposes:

For sale purposes, informing ahead our clients on the value of their properties

For corporate finance purposes in line with IFRS

For rental purposes and for the re-evaluation of private rental/leasing agreements

For investment purposes, suggesting optimum property uses

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